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Salesforce Shield: Bringing Compliance to the Cloud

Salesforce has always been known for the incredible investments they have made in ensuring their customer’s data is safe and secure. They have to — data is their business.

Without the high level of trust that customers have in Salesforce’s security, Salesforce would not be the #1 CRM solution in the world. But some customers require an additional layer of security and privacy due to constant changes in information regulations. In order to meet those needs, Salesforce has come up with Shield.

Would you benefit from seeing who is doing what with sensitive data or knowing the state and value of your data going back up to ten years?

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Getting Started with the New Salesforce Lightning Experience

If you haven’t had a chance to see it or try it, you should immediately sign up for a developer org and see what all the fuss is about. What exactly is Lightning Experience? Lightning Experience is a next generation Salesforce UI that delivers many new features to benefit sales teams of all sizes. Salesforce did more than develop just a new “skin”. They redesigned how Salesforce works. It has been described as not just a new UI but a whole new operating system. It literally changes the way sales users work with information in Salesforce.

Salesforce has been working on this upgrade for a number of years now with its inception beginning with mobile. With the heavy adoption of smart phones and tablets users have become accustomed to the fast, responsive designs of a well-developed mobile application. Salesforce decided to take the lessons learned from Salesforce1 and apply them to the desktop to help users sell smarter and sell faster.

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#DF15: 2015 Admin Keynote Highlights

This year’s Dreamforce has seen the announcement of many remarkable new features such as Lightning Experience, IoT built on Thunder, and a great deal more. But one of the most exciting keynotes to look forward to this year, in this author’s opinion, is the new Admin keynote. It’s in this session that admins get recognition for the amazing work they do building solutions and solving problems for their companies. It’s also where we find out what, as configurators are the cool nuggets that are going to make our lives easier, and help us look like heroes to our customers.

2015’s Admin Keynote started off with a high-energy cheer show by CHEER San Francisco, full of great acrobatics, death-defying stunts, and excitement. OK, maybe not death-defying. But the energy was definitely there.

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#DF15: Attending the Circles of Success Breakout Sessions

Trying to figure out what sessions to attend at Dreamforce can be one of the toughest things to do during one of the most exciting weeks of the year. And then there is just getting to the sessions on time in order to make the most of your week at this absolutely epic event. But one of my favorite types of sessions are the Circles of Success. These sessions focus on specific challenges in a round-table like environment and foster dialog and ideas between the participants. One of the participants today said for him these sessions are like therapy.

I had the opportunity to sit in a session titled “Weathering the Storm of Change Management” this morning. My table had participants from small local companies with a couple of hundred users to large global companies with thousands of users and many different Salesforce orgs.

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#DF15: New in Sales Cloud: Lightning Experience – A New UI

One of the most exciting announcements at Dreamforce this year is Salesforce’s newly designed UI for Sales. Dubbed the “Lightning Experience,” the new UI offers a number of improvements and features that will have a Sales user smiling from ear to ear.

Lightning Experience comes packed with new features focusing on the Sales team’s productivity and user experience. Salesforce designed the new UI to be fast, flexible, and to help Sales users to sell faster by giving them more tools and access to information than they have had before. The new UI is based on the Salesforce 1 Mobile App’s use of the Lightning Framework. It is highly responsive and incredibly easy to customize.

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Empower Your Sellers in Real-Time with Salesforce Engage

With the Salesforce acquisition of ExactTarget in 2013, and subsequently Pardot, we have been anticipating exciting growth for Salesforce in the area of marketing automation. In Summer ’15 we’re going to see an exciting new feature released called “Salesforce Engage”. This new feature is an extension of Pardot’s marketing automation solution integrated directly into Salesforce. In today’s blog we’ll explore some of these cool new features that make Salesforce Engage an exciting tool for sales reps on the go.

First of all, what is Salesforce Engage? Great question. Well, Salesforce Engage is a solution that allows marketing and sales to work together to deliver a consistent message at the right time to prospects through Salesforce thereby increasing their company’s selling power. Having this solution within Salesforce, (integrated into the main tool that sales reps use to connect with their prospects) provides your sales team with a wide range of powerful tools to engage contacts, nurture prospects, and measure progress.

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From Customizable to Collaborative Forecasting

When Salesforce introduced Customizable Forecasting we saw an amazing tool for sales teams to communicate essential views on their opportunities to management. It allowed sales reps to paint a clear picture of the numbers based on their real-world experience that was previously lost within the rigid confines of system-defined parameters. Having this ability within their sales force automation (SFA) tool helped reduce phone calls and those ugly spreadsheets, and made reporting forecasts easier for the entire team. But Customizable Forecasting had its limits. The main issue was that it wasn’t as customizable as the name would suggest. Admins and users were forced to come up with workarounds in their processes to align to the features of the tool or come up with creative report workarounds to deliver their data.

Salesforce listened and heard their customer’s feedback loud and clear. They introduced Collaborative Forecasting within the Spring ’14 release. In this blog we’ll take a look at some of those new features, and we will review what’s involved in moving from Customizable Forecasting to Collaborative Forecasting.

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