From Customizable to Collaborative Forecasting

When Salesforce introduced Customizable Forecasting we saw an amazing tool for sales teams to communicate essential views on their opportunities to management. It allowed sales reps to paint a clear picture of the numbers based on their real-world experience that was previously lost within the rigid confines of system-defined parameters. Having this ability within their sales force automation (SFA) tool helped reduce phone calls and those ugly spreadsheets, and made reporting forecasts easier for the entire team. But Customizable Forecasting had its limits. The main issue was that it wasn’t as customizable as the name would suggest. Admins and users were forced to come up with workarounds in their processes to align to the features of the tool or come up with creative report workarounds to deliver their data.

Salesforce listened and heard their customer’s feedback loud and clear. They introduced Collaborative Forecasting within the Spring ’14 release. In this blog we’ll take a look at some of those new features, and we will review what’s involved in moving from Customizable Forecasting to Collaborative Forecasting.

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